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2016年1月21日 星期四

ReleasePackage.2016 v02

Note : Please Install Winrar before use this package

Brief :  the Release package first try to locate the winrar.exe in program files , if not found , ask for user input. after WinRAR.exe is located , Generate the packed EXE file for easy release.
use the packed EXE file (named "ReleasePackage.exe") to build the release package

File Requires:
1.Changes.txt  For JY Release package use , the bios release history
2.Bios , EC release note and BVT Report in XLS or XLSX format
3.xxxCTnnA.bin     EC binary file
4.xxxKTnnA.8MB  BIOS 8MB File
5.xxxKTnnA.CAP  BIOS 6MB File
6.TC-xxx.rom          OA2 File , location : "ReleasePackage\MFG\OA2\TC-xxx.bin"
7.Informations in \ReleasePackage\MFG\SMBIOS\DOS\DMI.bat must update manually

File Descriptions:
ReleasePackage.2016.02.7z  : Main Package file
DEMO File.7z : for DEMO release

1. Uncompress "ReleasePackage.2016.02.7z" to a Folder 
2. You MUST put your own OA2 file before next step (Can be skip if  for DEMO only)
Double click BUILD.BAT

3.If there is no Winrar installed in "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe" , will skip this step is winrar already installed in program files.

4.Please input the path for your WINRAR.EXE
(eg , my Winrar is in D:\utility\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe)

If the WinRAR.exe is found , the screen will back to Black , and closed soon.

5.Now the Package is Generated , named "ReleasePackage.exe"

6.Copy "ReleasePackage.exe" to another folder to try to release

7. Uncompress the DEMO File.7z to the folder

8.Double click "ReleasePackage.exe" , the release package is generated once you see the dos prompt as below

1.Check the OA2 Binary is the one you need (Can be ignored for DEMO)
2.Please update informations in \ReleasePackage\MFG\SMBIOS\DOS\DMI.bat
3.Generate the HASH code for JY package
4.Check if the release note is correct

9.Please Do ALL the test in the package