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2017年5月2日 星期二

UEFI Compiler environment setup step by step (tool chain UDK2017 + Microsoft VS2015 Free)

All File can be download from Here

1. Download Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition (FREE) and Installed.

2. Download UDK2017 Tool kit (Choose one) and unzip to your WORKSPACE
   SVN export

3. Download edk2-BaseTools-win32 and unzip to your WORKSPACE\UDK2017\BaseTools\Bin\Win32

4. Download Nasm tools for compiler. Excute the file and copy nasm.exe into your WORKSPACE\UDK2017\BaseTools\Bin\Win32

5. Download VC compiler tools and override to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC\bin

6. Setup your EDK2 compiler
   A) Run Developer Command Propmt for VS2015
   B) Change path to your WORKSPACE  (ex D:\UDK2017)
   C) Run Edk2setup
   D) Change compiler environment D:\UEFI\UDK2017\Conf\target.txt
      ACTIVE_PLATFORM       = MdePkg/MdePkg.dsc
      TARGET                             = RELEASE
      TARGET_ARCH                = X64
      TOOL_CHAIN_TAG          = VS2015x86

7. Run build in command line at your WORKSPACE path.